June 2016 Newsletter

After an incredibly mild and frost free winter here at Coleshill Organics, we experienced severe frosts and snow in May in the organic garden.

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April 2016 Newsletter

Once a year we are inspected by Soil Association Certification Ltd, the certification wing of the Soil Association organic food and farming charity.

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It’s all in the soil!

We've been busy this week digging holes! Alex, a soil science student from Aberdeen University, is helping us to take soil samples from across the garden to measure the fertility of the land...

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June 2015 Newsletter

The Hungry gap is well and truly here. It always seems particularly cruel as May and June are two of the busiest months in the garden...

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April 2015 Newsletter

It’s all about holding your nerve during the precarious month of April – prudence versus impatience. We [...]

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