Have it your way…

I’ve been meaning to post a regular list of all the extra bits and pieces you can add to your regular organic veg box … and now I’ve done it, I will try to update it regularly!

Below is a list of all the extra fruit, veg and other things you can add to your boxes, either as a ‘one-off’ (perhaps for a special dinner or gathering?) or on a regular weekly/fortnightly basis. I hope you’ll agree it’s a pretty comprehensive range — and puts many a supermarket ‘organic’ aisle to shame!

100% organic–and NEVER air-freighted

Coleshill Organics juiceAt the height of the summer, you’ll find most veg and fruit in your boxes will come from our garden. But during leaner periods we will buy in specific veg from our trusted organic wholesalers to ensure a good variety of produce in your boxes. This means we can also buy in specialities or imports. Everything from the wholesalers is certified organic and nothing we buy is ever air freighted.

How to order

Take a look at the extras below. If anything takes your fancy, make a list of what you’re after (and approximate quantities) and then send me an email or give me a call on 01793 861070 no later than 12 pm on Tuesday before your next delivery. I will get back to you with a total (and let you know about any availability problems). We can then add the cost to your next invoice. Simple!

Please note: I haven’t listed any prices, as availability (and prices) at the wholesaler changes from week to week – or even day to day.

If you have any questions let me know!

May 2019

Fresh vegetables





Broad beans

Cabbage (pointed)

Carrots (loose)

Carrots (bunched)







Garlic (wet/green)

Ginger root

Globe artichoke

Kales (green)

Kale (red)


Lettuce (various)

Mange tout


Onions (white)

Pepper (Ramiro)

Pepper (Bell, red)

Pepper (Bell, yellow)

Potatoes (new)

Potatoes (Cara)

Potatoes (red)

Potatoes (baker)



Salad leaf mix


Spring greens


Sweet potatoes

Tomatoes (cherry)

Tomatoes (vine)

Tomatoes (heirloom mix)


Wild garlic

Fresh fruit

Apples (Crimson)

Apples (Spartan)

Apples (Gala)


Kiwi fruit






Eggs, honey and juice bottles

Fresh local organic eggs (6 per box) £2.20

Local Coleshill Estate honey (non-organic) – 340g jar (set) £4.95 

Local Coleshill Estate honey (non-organic) – 340g jar (runny) £4.95

Coleshill Apple Juice (750ml) £3.95

  • Choose from single variety apple juice bottles: Spartan, Discovery, Lord Lambourne, Ellison’s Orange.
  • Or the Coleshill Cordon Blend apple juice – a mixture of all Coleshill Organics apple varieties.

Adding extras to your organic veg box

  • Make a list of any extras you’d like to add to your box (and approximate quantities)
  • Send me an email or give me a call on 01793 861070 no later than 12 pm on Tuesday before your next delivery
  • Let me know if this is a ‘one-off’ or repeat order
  • We’ll add the extras to your box — and your next invoice!