Stroud Farmers’ Market Regulars

I have a regular, Andrea, who visits the Coleshill Organics stall at Stroud farmers’ market.

She comes with a ruck sack, lined with a plastic bag. She makes a collection of loose veg, only bagging when absolutely necessary (the cherry tomatoes this Saturday, for example). The veg go loose in her ruck sack. I pack them, the heaviest first.

Stroud Farmers' Market regular, Andrea

Stroud Market regular, Andrea

I asked her why she shops at the farmers’ market. She said it was simple.

She can select from a huge range of freshly picked, tasty organic fruit and vegetables in the quantities she wants.

She doesn’t have to accept the pre-packaged quantities that the supermarkets decide is the ‘right’ amount. She doesn’t have to deal with all the additional, wasteful plastic packaging either.

We also normally have a chat about the veg and a bit of a recipe swap, too, which she enjoys. What could be better?

Healthy AND Value For Money

Last Saturday, Angela bought 10 different fresh organic vegetables; sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, leeks, carrots, courgettes, kale, red onion, white onion, salad leaves and runner beans, all for just £11.50.

That is the wonderful thing about the farmers’ market.