A very happy 2019 Organic Christmas and a merry New Year from Sonia, Linda, Matt and James! We’re writing to let everyone know about our veg & fruit delivery dates over the coming Christmas period.

No deliveries between Christmas and New Year

As usual, we will not deliver any boxes between Christmas and New Year. So, unless you have put your order on hold, every customer (* except monthly) will receive a final delivery of the year on either Monday 23rd December OR Tuesday 24th December to cover the Christmas period, as follows:

Weekly customers

  • If you normally get your box on a Tuesday, we will deliver on: TUESDAY 24TH DECEMBER
  • If you normally get your box on a Wednesday, we will deliver on: MONDAY 23RD DECEMBER

Fortnightly customers

Fortnightly customers will receive a delivery—even if it is not your usual week—as we will not make any deliveries between Christmas and New Year. Fortnightly customers will receive approximately half the quantities listed in the table below. Please note: Fortnightly boxes will not include garlic and lemon, so if you would like these please order as ‘extras’. (See ‘Ordering extras’ below.)

* Monthly customers

Important: If you have a monthly box you will not receive a delivery before Christmas unless you order it as extra. Your next monthly box will be delivered the second Tuesday/Wednesday of the New Year.

Fruit bag orders

All regular fruit bags will be doubled (single bag for fortnightly customers) and will be delivered in a separate box.

Pre-Christmas Box Contents 

Double Small Double Medium Double Large Double Veg Lovers
Potatoes 2 kg 4 kg 5 kg 4 kg
Carrots 1 kg 1.6 kg 2 kg 1.4 kg
Onions (white) 500g 800g 1 kg 900g
Parsnips 800g 900g 1 kg 1 kg
Leeks 800g 800g 1.4 kg 1.3 kg
Swede 800g 1 kg 1 kg 500g
Celeriac 600g 800g 1 kg 600g
Cabbage (red) 1 head 1 head 1 head 1 head
Garlic 1 bulb 1 bulb 1 bulb 1 bulb
Brussels sprouts 400g 700g 900g 800g
Lemon 1 1 1 1
Beetroot 600g 700g 800g 600g
Courgette 400g
Ginger 100g
Calabrese 400g
Onions (red) 500g
Shallots 200g
Squash 500g
Salad pack/lettuce 1

These are our planned contents for your Christmas boxes. Weights might vary slightly.

Special Requirements?

All your usual dislikes will be adhered to, so please let me know if you would like any temporary changes for Christmas deliveries. You can also change your box size, too. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade or downsize your regular order for Christmas no later than 12pm on Tuesday 10th December.

Ordering extras

From avacadoes to walnuts, you can add extras to your pre-Christmas delivery for your Christmas festivities–or if you need extra veg to carry you through the holidays. Simply complete and return our Christmas Order Form (below). Please get in touch if you fancy something that isn’t listed.

Download our Christmas Order Form HERE.

Our Christmas Special Presentation Box

Once again, we are offering our popular Christmas Special Box! Presented in a traditional wooden fruit crate, it also makes a lovely sustainable gift. For £44, you will receive a seasonal selection of 18 different certified organic fruits and vegetables–perfect if you’re cooking for vegetarians. Planned contents include dates, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, salad pack, avocado, kiwi, pineapple, peppers, celery, clementines, banana, grapefruit, mushrooms, sweet potato, squash, courgettes, mango, apples and mixed herbs.

Coleshill Organics Christmas Presentation Box

Our Christmas Presentation Box

Please use the Christmas Order Form to place your order (you’ll find the option at the top of the form).


Once again, I need any extras or any other changes to your regular order no later Tuesday 1oth December. Please get in touch before then by phone on 01793 861070 or send me a message here. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Prices are subject to change. All extras will be delivered with your Christmas box. Feel free to ask about any extras not on the list.

Restarting deliveries in 2020

Finally, we will restart your deliveries on either Tuesday 7th January or Wednesday 8th January 2020, depending on your normal delivery day. If you are a fortnightly customer, please note this is an ‘even’ week.

If you have ANY queries or concerns about the above, please call me on 01793 861070 or send a message using our web form.

Many thanks,

Sonia Oliver