Our Soil Association-certified organic winter salad mix is consistently one of our most popular items, both in our veg boxes and at Stroud farmers’ market, where we usually sell out within an hour or two no matter how much we pick!

I have been asked several times recently what the individual leaves are in the mix, as it always seems to fascinate people. The leaves we cut obviously change according to the season and whatever has been growing most prolifically in the tunnels, but here is a list of our current winter organic salad mix and their key flavour notes:

Rocket: a spicy, intense flavour and a tender leaf, and always a favourite in our mixes, at the market and in our boxes!

Rocket leaf

Sorrel: a slightly sour flavour, this hardy leaf is a perennial salad hero. Can also be used in soups.

Sorrel leaf

Scarlet frills or Red Mizuna: A deep red, beautiful leaf, we add this to our salad mix for colour as much as for flavour.

Red Mizuna leaf

Mizuna: a mild mustard flavour, this winter-hardy oriental leaf is also widely used in stir-fry.

Mizuna leaf

Green in Snow (a.k.a. Chinese mustard): a hardy winter leaf, hence the name, with a hot spicy flavour that is also widely used in stir-fry.

Chinese mustard leaf

Claytonia (Winter Purslane): a mild, succulent native leaf that is full of flavour and high in vitamin C.

Winter Purslane

Mibuna: another Japanese/oriental green winter leaf; quite mild in flavour, although stronger than Mizuna.

Mibuna leaf

Red Hot Mustard Leaf: as its name suggests, this spicy, winter-hardy leaf is well known for its strong mustard flavour.

Red Hot Mustard leaf

Land Cress: similar to the much-loved Watercress, this winter-hardy native has a strong and spicy flavour.

Land Cress leaf