Saturday 12th September 2020

‘For Every Season’:
A supper to celebrate 20 years of Coleshill Organics

Sunday 13th September 2020

A Special Day of Picnics and Family Fun:
Come and explore this small miracle of nature

A word from the garden’s regular guest cook, Barny Haughton.

And so another supper in the garden to mark this very special 20th anniversary year at Coleshill Organics.

The last garden celebration feels like an age ago. Since then, there was the small matter of the Coleshill estate fire; and a wall or two coming down to add to the challenges of the everyday life and work of Coleshill Organics. Then Matt, the head grower, arrived and with him a renewed energy, a serendipity of purpose. And an unfolding renaissance of the garden.

On 10th January 2019, a long section of wall in the garden suddenly collapsed without warning. Fortunately, no one was working nearby.

The Coleshill Estate fire on 31 July 2016 sadly destroyed several buildings — including our old packing shed (above).

A special place

I can say this because I have been following the story of the garden and its business through every season for the last 12 years. As a friend to Sonia, as a witness to the endless small miracles of nature in that 7-acre bit of land and the stewardship which nurtures its transformation into carrots and borlotti beans; as a cook who knows that good food is 80% the art and skill of the grower; as a short-term resident of the Wagon (pictured below) during which time, instead of writing my book, I spent hours observing tiny seedlings, just planted, change day by day and turn into things I would later cook and eat.

Coleshill Organics wagon (exterior)

Also, as a believer in the organic philosophy of life (I think about this especially now, when climate change is making us look at what we eat and how we live even if we never did before); as one who, whether as a novice helper at the market stall in Stroud or watching the packing of veg boxes in the packing shed or Matt on the tractor with the machine that so delicately weeds between the brassicas or just watching the rain fall on the soil; and, finally, as one who, over a week one summer, watched the sun through the trees behind The Radnor Arms pub and how the arch of its setting changed each day.

More and more, we need places like this wonderful garden for every reason under this sun I can think of.

Save the date!

So, it goes without saying that I am honoured to be able to cook for another celebration supper in this very special garden on Saturday 12th September 2020. The menu will tell a garden story, the table will be the landscape and the wine will be Italian.

And on Sunday 13th September, there will be family picnic hampers and picnic blankets to sit on (and something to sit under if the weather is awful).

That’s all we know for now. The rest will come with the seasons and from the soil. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the work of the Square Food Foundation charity (see below) and further educational work at Coleshill Organics.

Watch this space and save the date: I hope you will join us!

Barny Haughton

Barny Haughton is a chef, restaurateur, cookery school teacher and Eco Food pioneer. He has run three award-winning restaurants in Bristol over the last 25 years (Rocinantes, Quartier Vert and Bordeaux Quay).

Barny is best known for his work at Square Food Foundation, Bristol’s Cookery School & Community Kitchen, where he is Director and Head Teacher, teaching people from all walks of life to cook good food.

Barny Haughton