The Patty Pan is a classic late summer squash variety; nutty, sweet and delicate. When they are small (up to 200g) you can eat the skin; bigger than this, the skin is too tough. Either way, they fry beautifully and quickly.

Have it as a starter, maybe with some roast tomatoes. Or as a side dish.

Squash varieties

Above: Squash varieties Uchiki Kuri, Hokkaido, Turks Turban, Blue Ballet and Crown Prince

This recipe will work with any squash you have to hand, although the late summer varieties work best, such as Patty Pan or Butternut squash.


  • Patty pan squash (or any other variety, for that matter).
  • Olive oil
  • Bunch of fresh parsley
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Toasted hazelnuts or cobnuts
  • Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Cut the squash into wedges, the thick end of each wedge to about 2cm, allowing two or three wedges per person.

Remove the seeds neatly with a sharp knife.

Brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Fry on each side until the flesh is golden brown.

Transfer to a plate and keep warm.

Meanwhile, make a quick puree out of a bunch of parsley, three cloves garlic, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt.

Serve warm, drizzled with the green sauce and a scattering of toasted chopped hazelnuts. Or cobnuts straight from the tree. They are just beginning to ripen now. Get them before the squirrels do!

Again, this quick, easy recipe will work with any squash variety.

Barny Haughton is a chef, restaurateur, cookery school teacher and Eco Food pioneer. He has run three award-winning restaurants in Bristol over the last 25 years (Rocinantes, Quartier Vert and Bordeaux Quay).

Barny is best known for his work at Square Food Foundation, Bristol’s Cookery School & Community Kitchen, where he is Director and Head Teacher, teaching people from all walks of life to cook good food.

Barny Haughton